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Revelations on ‘Going For Great’ this week

23 April 2021
There was joy, shock, anger and laughter in this week’s programming on OneZed.
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What happens when you find out that the people you’ve put in-charge of your company aren’t doing right by it or when you realise you can’t make everyone in your household happy? For Nguzu, the Sosalas, Shi Mumbi and other characters on OneZed’s lineup, that was this week’s lesson.


Joshua was finally discharged from the hospital and it was a joyous moment for the family, unaware of what was to come next. Even though he might have forgotten most of his life before he was attacked, Thando wasted no time warning him about paying for trying to pin all his fraudulent activities to Zuba.

Phingiwe learned with shock that Joshua was embezzling money out of the company and instead of taking it up with him, she confronted Thando and Zuba for delaying releasing the audit report. Could she be in denial or is she just exhausting all avenues before she can gather the strength to ask Joshua about it?

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Nguzu was dealt a blow after blow this week. Being the careful man he is, he called Tamara’s bluff and was angry that she would make him a fool. But Tamara is really pregnant and her efforts to pin the child to Nguzu might have hit a speed bump for now.

Meanwhile, it has become a norm for the wives to pack and go when disagreements emerge on the farm. This time it was Shupiwe who stole Nguzu’s money and left the farm with hopes of starting over somewhere.


Emerald’s arrest left the company in despair and it became a battle ground for Nancy and Silwambe. Him being first in charge didn’t sit well with Nancy and she went and did what she does best; finding dirt.

Silwambe let his guard down and started messing around with the new member of staff. This lead to an unlikely alliance being formed between Nancy and Granny to rid off ‘bad behaviour’ in the company

Shi Mumbi

Pandemonium, confusion, fracas are just few of the words Shi Mumbi used to describe the arrival of his in-laws unannounced at his house. To think things would’ve gotten better as they settled in, no, he made sure that they felt their presence were not welcomed.

To make things even more awkward, he let them know as the man of the house, he doesn’t share his meat! And that’s why we love him, he doesn’t mince his words and only looks out for number one, Shi Mumbi.

Landlady Meets Landlord

As if Mr Laban discovering who the new landlord was wasn’t enough, season two kicked off with terrible news and everyone was worried. Mwela got arrested and though he hadn’t pleaded to the charges, the police were already treating him like he was guilty.

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