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RECAP: Chintelelwe Season 1

31 August 2020
Laugh out loud with the hilarious antics from One ZED’s best-loved comedy offering
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Season 1 kicked off with two extremes; a marriage proposal and a marriage dissolving. Mary got the ring but Kausen’s wife got the boot! The rumours of her infidelity were rife through the village grapevine and Kausen wasted no time in kicking her out of their house.

When a distraught Mrs Kausen later came across her ‘alleged’ beau Chintelelwe, the two fell into an angry tussle, and were spotted by Kausen, who ultimately chased Chintelelwe in a spirited run.

Mischief and Katumbi walk hand in hand. But when he met the Rubenesque Robina he was ready to turn over a new leaf and work hard to win her hand in marriage. It wasn’t going to be that easy though, as his own mother (Bana Malulu) and the village Chief stood in his way.

Bana Malulu couldn’t mask her disappointment at Robina's plain looks and overweight form, and immediately took a stance against the marriage. At the same time, Chintelelwe's mother fell sick and arranged for Uncle Emma to send money for Chintelelwe to go to the city.

Chintelelwe arrived in the city on a wave of glory and immediately began stirring up trouble in Uncle Emma's house. An outspoken Mary quickly voiced complaints about the shifty new addition to the homestead, ‘forcing’ Chintelelwe to brew a powerful love potion to get her on his side. However, the engaged Mary's “love” for him brought about more trouble than good.

Not only that, the season finale revealed that Monica (Kausen’s ex-wife and Chintelelwe’s alleged lover) was pregnant! All this while Katumbi resolved  to go back to his old mischievous ways in a bid to wed Princess Robina.

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