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Tembalami and Anesu - love, wedding, happily ever after

28 February 2020
Meet the 'First Couple' of Our Perfect Wedding Zimbabwe

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Tembalami and Anesu kicked off the first season of Our Perfect Wedding Zimbabwe with consummate flair.

36-year-old gospel music sensation Tembalami first laid eyes on 24-year-old Anesu from Chipinge one fateful afternoon when she took her sister's kids for their swimming lessons. Their chance meeting sparked a current of mutual attraction, and they both proceeded to do some under-cover snooping. Anesu quizzed her sister about the tall, dark charmer; while Tembalami stalked her on the Gram!

Anesu maintains that she never saw his messages in her DM's, which led to 6 months of stalled contact. Nonetheless, fast forward a whirlwind courtship and the honouring of traditional rites and customs (roora), the two love birds arrived at their BIG DAY.

By the brides admission, the celebration was absolutely AMMAAAZZZING! 

From the beautiful white, embraided V-neck ballgown the bride adorned, to the flawless black tie suit graced by the groom - the two were a most handsome pair.

But wait?! What was going on with those vows? Apparently Tembalami vowed to be "a night school teacher - so that [he] would be there every day to teach [their] kids how to live", and also "a miner, who would dig out the best in life to give to [Anesu]." ❓❕Neither the bride nor their rapt audience could keep a straight face at this point!

But, all is well that ends well. The festivities continued without a hitch, dramatically coloured by the grooms creative dance moves.

One important highlight from the laughing, blushing bride* "Temba cried - wonderful, beautiful, giant tear drops full of love!"

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