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Snakes and Ladders


Opposites attract – Date My Family

23 July 2021
Did the families do the ladies justice, and will there be another date?

The singleton on this week’s episode was a videographer who is into tendering. He had a Chinese name and he said that he loved travelling, cars, animals and the outdoors.

He was looking for an ambitious woman, who would be able to take care of him should he hit a slump and was also looking for someone who would be able to motivate him.

Let’s meet the ladies…

Who: Shanel

Shanel was looking for someone spontaneous, social and funny. She works as an independent therapist and loves being able to teach and mould young minds. She loves to travel, she believes that the devil is in the details and would expect a man to be clean, have clean nails and dress smart.

Who: Chloe

She was looking for someone who isn't chubby, someone tall and bubbly, respectful and clean. She works as an exotics dancer and made it clear that she would want a man that would be comfortable with her profession. She was also still studying events management and does the dancing part-time.

Who: Lele

Lele was looking for someone who would be protective, supportive, caring, humble, and educated with not more than two kids. She does catering work and she was interested in anyone who deals with tenders.

The families did their best to represent each of the ladies, but our singleton chose date number two, which was Chloe. They seemed to hit it off and there were even talks of a second date, despite the fact that she was taller than him.

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