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No rest for the wicked – Shi Mumbi

09 February 2021
Shi Mumbi makes its debut on OneZed DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8

Shi Mumbi is a hilarious comedy that follows the escapades of Rex – an ordinary, compound man surviving through petty crimes and piece jobs. 

The wily conman is unceremoniously locked down after he impregnates the naïve Rosemary. Rosemary’s mother promptly demands marriage as a means of damage control; and so Rex marries Rosemary, a sheltered woman brought up in the village, shortly after meeting her on the roadside selling potatoes. 

A customary marriage of sorts results, but rather than the security Rosemary and her mother hope for, the arrangement kicks up all sorts of dust and chaos.

Chief among the problems is Shi Mumbi’s relationship with Belinda, which was just heating up!  

Belinda has already made up her mind that Shi Mumbi is the man for her – and no woman, job or landlord can stand in the way of her and her daaaarrling! And no tactic is too desperate or inconvenient for her to use to keep Rex in her grasp.
Shi Mumbi’s problems are made worse by Rosemary's mother, who becomes a frequent visitor to his two roomed house. She makes persistent demands for the outstanding lobola payment as Shi Mumbi has not finished paying dowry for her daughter, piling the pressure on his double-dealing head.

As the creditors come knocking, and the novel Corona Virus hampers Shi Mumbi’s many ‘Germany trips’ what will Shi Mumbi cook up to get himself out of trouble this time?


Add some light and good cheer to your Thursday nights with this hilarious comedy at 21.00hrs on #OneZed DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8. Then catch the repeats every Saturday at 20:00hrs.