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Don't call it a come back – Njila Season 2

28 February 2020
Never say die

Njila – The Phase follows the story of two siblings who are facing the worst time in their lives after the death of their wealthy father. Life as they know it is thrown into disarray when their uncle Tom robs them of all the property that their father left behind, forcing the brother and sister to live in a rum-shackle house, close to the mansion they once lived in.

Season 2 begins with a fresh battle strategy for Jane and Gomez. They hire a new lawyer and plan to refile their case, just as Uncle Tom begins selling their properties.

An untenable series of unfortunate events befalls the siblings, and they face ruthless opponents - more skilled and adept at navigating the hard paths of life than they.

In between it all, there is space for kindness, true friendship and even love to blossom. But who’s who in their pain-tinged world?

Can Uncle Tom ever be subdued? Who is a friend and who is merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Will the ensuing trouble corrupt the siblings themselves forever?

The vicious cat and mouse game plays out in an atmosphere seething with corruption, backstabbing, recrimination and wild plots to disinherit the defenseless. As Jane and Gomez grow stronger and wiser, God help Uncle Tom and whatever else dares to stand in their way!

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