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Snakes and Ladders


Mwila finds a wife – Landlady Meets Landlord

31 May 2021
This is not what he signed up for.
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Mwila  was arrested and after leaving police custody, not only did he come home to a worried mother who had been crying and feeling defeated by the whole situation. He also came back to a woman in his room; a woman claiming to be his wife who had strict instructions from her uncle not to leave.

A shocked and confused Mwila pleads with her to leave and she is not budging. He gives in and asks her name. It’s Malingose.  His mom is also not happy about the situation but Tembo, the uncle, assured them that Malingose would not talk back and had been trained very well within tradition and that Mwila would not find a woman like her in Lusaka.

Malingose had a lot of challenges in this new environment. She did not know what a toilet looks like, she finds that the tea was too hot for her, she cannot speak English  and she struggles to find her feet while Mwila continues to get frustrated by her and the situation he finds himself in.

Malingose is a sweet girl who might be a bit on the people pleasing side but we are rooting for her to find her feet and adjust to this new way of life, because the one thing she seems to know for sure is that she is here to stay.

Will Mwila warm up to her, or will he remain cold?

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