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Mu8Teen – A story for the ages

31 March 2020
Mu8Teen makes a come-back!

This intriguing drama series highlights the struggles for survival, love and friendship among young Zambians.

The story examines the lives and dreams of young footballers desperate to make it out of the everyday trials and hustles of their poor hometowns to really succeed in life.

Mu 18 is a modern Zambia phrase which means 'closer' or 'in danger'. The series is based on the following premise:


  • First, it references the number 18 which represents the age of the lead characters
  • Secondly it represents the eighteenth box in the football pitch - which is the penalty area - and is therefore considered dangerous
  • Because the story touches on football and the young lives of typical Zambians, ‘Mu8teen’ makes it the perfect title for the drama series.


The series follows the life of Jeff Bwalya (JB), a young man from the village who relocates to Lusaka with hopes of attaining a better life and pursuing his football career. Instead he gets entangled in a world of crime, lies and pain.

Another lead character, Andy Miyoba, is from a similarly poor background, and has a passion for football but due to the hardships he faces, he gets involved in criminal activities. He is intelligent and in love with Melisa, a beautiful young woman. Their relationship quickly takes center stage.

Last but not least, Mr Monga, a man in his 40's - portrayed as heartless and a womanizer.

Now that you have met the character's in this cruel, young world, make a date with Mu8teen, every Monday to Wednesday at 20:30 on One Zed TV DStv CH 172, or alternatively on GOtv CH 8 and watch the drama unfold!