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Malingose’s funeral guests – One Zed

24 November 2021
Malingose went back home to her parents but back in the compound, a funeral was being held for her.
LLMLL Funeral guests

Only these tenants from Landlady Meets Landlord can pull something like this off. Mr. Phiri, Masuzyo and crew decided to make a fire and mourn Malingose, who as we know by now, is alive and well.  

The scene of the funeral is one for the books because, in true comedy style, everything that happened was hilarious. Many secrets were released and obviously, a fight broke out! 

Watch below: 


This is how the guests were behaving at this funeral 

Mazo was sad 

Everyone was sad but no one was sadder that Muzo. And he was in total disbelief at Mwila’s actions.   

Bwalya was flirting with Thandie 

Bwalya was drunk and used the proceedings to tell the love of his life Thandie, that he was planning their engagement. Problem is, she was clueless when he started speaking. He drunkenly told her she must learn how to speak Bemba because this is the only way she will be able to communicate with her in-laws.  

Mwila has moved on 

While the tenants were singing, Mwila who is Malingose’s love interest, showed up with a new lady on his arm. He tried to scatter the fire and this made Muzo angry. They then questioned him about how he has already moved on from the “deceased”. The lady next to him confidently replied, “Subela, Mwila’s childhood sweetheart.” Hectic! 

Mr. Phiri had a little too much to drink 

Mr. Phiri was just at the funeral for the vibes and saw it as another chance to enjoy his alcohol. As the oldest tenant, he felt it was right to be at the funeral. When Mwila questioned his presence at the funeral he responded, “As they say: mourn with another because what has befallen your friend today can be on you tomorrow.” The man is full of proverbs, isn’t he? 😂 

On top of it all, Peggy’s secret of dating older men “almost” came out! Safe to say, there’s always trouble where the tenants are gathered!  

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