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Maid for laughs – Lusaka Maids

22 May 2020
A hilarious interpretation of Lusaka’s ‘service’ industry
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The ordinary lives of friends Mimi and Zoe are changed forever when they meet a streetwise, smooth talking trader, Chilufya.

Mimi is a maid at Delphine’s home in Lusaka. A typical day at Delphine’s residence is characterized by Mimi’s confusing, misplaced interrogations over instructions and work responsibilities. A real sore point with her boss is Mimi’s insatiable appetite for food.

Zoe is the slay-queen-and is thought to be too extravagant to be a maid by her bestie Mimi. This well-kept beauty turns heads everywhere she goes. It is this quality that entangles her with Chilufya. She falls for Chilufya’s attempts to woo her, completely oblivious to the fact that he has a girlfriend, Wezi.

Wezi is an intimidating and aggressive maid with a knack for confrontations and a reputation for beating men. When her beau Chilufya begins to wander, she goes on a quest to recover and restore her lost love.

Chilufya is constantly on the run from the law. The smooth operator is juggling not only his business ventures but his love interests as well. As fortunes turn, he comes across a bag of money and becomes instantly wealthy!

As the lives of these fiery and quirky characters intertwine, somebody ultimately finds themselves locked up in a Lusaka jail cell. Who do you think it will be? Well, you’ll have to watch and find out.

#LusakaMaids Season 1 airs on Friday nights at 20:00hrs on #OneZED DStv CH 172 and GOtv CH 8