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Ma Jimbo Season 1 comes to One Zed Tv

08 August 2018
Majimbo is a situational comedy is derived from everyday awkward situations that are turned into comedic nuances. 
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With a touch of parody, Ma Jimbo follows the lives of four young men and a lady who lives in the same compound whose humorous and satirical situations are enhanced by the people around them. 

In the launch Episode: Two robbers plan to steal a bag from a lady who is walking by. The first robber is surprised when the lady recognizes him as her old classmate and he pretends he wasn’t trying to steal. However, his friend sneaks behind the lady and steals the bag and they both run off.

Meet the main cast

Mathews Chikwanda

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Mathews plays, among other things a wannabe politician who is always giving speeches, as he gives out his manifesto on what he will do for the country if voted into power. He also plays the hilarious money lender, who will do whatever it takes to get his money back.

Missed the first episode? Watch the video:

Jason Binwell Jere

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Jason plays the player. The guy who has traveled all over the world, but in an actual sense never left his hometown.  He uses his charm and lies to get girls. He also plays the famous reporter who is always reporting on the wannabe politician - Mathews.

Patson Milanzi

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Patson plays a pastor who tries his level best to preach the gospel to make sure he gets what he wants. He also plays a local hoodlum who harasses everyone he runs into.

Majimbo premiered on One Zed TV (GOtv Channel 4) on Tuesday 7 August 2018 at 21h00. You can catch the repeats every Wednesdays at 09h00 and Sundays at 19h30. You can also follow the conversation on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter