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Lessons learned on 'Going For Great' this week!

09 April 2021
Here are some highlights from a jam-packed week of drama and entertainment on OneZed.
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What’s the best thing to do when you feel like your peace is being disturbed? When you realise someone’s partner could be the love of your life? These are some of the memorable questions (and lessons) some of the characters from our favourite #OneZed shows brought us this week!


After Mwale’s death on the farm, things in the Nguzu household have not been the same; Mwiza started blaming her husband for all the misfortunes that had befallen them and she decided to go, leaving her husband looking around for her. After his failed attempts, his anger boiled over, and he decided to chase his wives out of the compound. Tombi made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere while Junza fought to have her share of the plantation registered in her name.

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Things started looking up for Joshua this week when he woke up from an induced coma and celebrated Independence Day with his nephew. The whole accident had him thinking about his past and what he wanted his future to look like, so he started by making amends with Louie. Meanwhile, Phingiwe got the shock of her life when she realised Thando wasn’t just a partner at IWZ, but was funding the whole project.


Granny expressed her concerns to Emerald about how she is always kept in the dark about the finances of the business. Contrary to her views, Nancy has shown she doesn’t care how the business is run as long as she gets money at the end of the day. However, Granny’s concerns are legitimate because this week Emerald had to answer very uncomfortable questions posed by his business associates related to money – and they were not nice to him; not one bit!

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This week on Tuvwange, the ladies had some handy hacks for us and showed how easy it is to have a neater wardrobe with minimal space. They also tackled a religious topic where they discussed why there are so few women in church these days. The views differed, but the thought train was ignited nevertheless!

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Landlady Meets Landlord

Whatever is happening between Virgo and Thandie will soon come out because him leaving evidence in her room, already has people asking questions. The funny part is that Thandie has already come up with a story to sell to whoever is asking her about Virgo – and no one seems to believe her.

The drama continues and we’re here for all of it!

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