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Keith And Chimwemwe’s Enduring Love – OPWZambia

25 January 2019
True love is enduring, think we lie; then ask Keith
opwzambia keith and chimwemwe

Keith Mulenga and Chimwemwe Nyirenda first met in Church and though he was immediately smitten by her, she only saw him as a friend, and he couldn’t be more than friends to her because she was only in grade 7 at the time.

Their friendship grew as the years went on, and after her high school, he tried to take their friendship to the next level, though she wasn’t there yet. Not one to let things go, Keith maintained the friendship they had and tried his best to be there for her whenever the need arose.

By the time Chimwemwe fell pregnant with her ex’s baby, Keith made sure he was around, and he even formed a bond with the baby; guess this was the icing on the cake for Chimwemwe who, finally after 10 years of rebuffing Keith’s advances; finally gave in and agreed to become his wife.

The excited Keith informed his family and with all due diligence observed, the wedding dates were fixed, and the excited couple began their life together.

Below are a few highlights from the wedding:


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