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Introducing Iliko Trick

28 February 2020
The story

Iliko Trick or ‘It is Trick’ is a Zambian production  from Kwacha Magazine Productions. It reveals the different life styles and situations affecting Zambia's everyday lives. The show was produced purposefully, with a diverse range of people from different walks of life. 

The story is centred around Onyeka, who arrives in Zambia from Nigeria. Unfortunately he gets robbed upon arrival and is left with no way of communicating with his business partner Dumbwi. As luck would have it, he gets employed by Dumbwi's house boy – Medium, who pretends to be the owner of the House.

Eventually, Dumbwi gets home only to find a strange person in his house. Dumbwi, who has a whole host of problems of his own, promptly fires Medium. But the contact has been made, and the three find that they cannot easily extricate themselves from one another.

The lives of Onyeka, Dumbwi and Medium mesh together in a far-reaching way; and individually - their weaknesses are brought to the fore, through very human and often humorous circumstances.

Wives, love interests, in-laws and concerned family members play a prominent role in their lives. Either adding fuel to the fire or trying to rein in these unstable souls!

Can peace replace the chaos? Make a date with #IlikoTrick, Friday nights at 20:00 on #OneZedTV DStv CH 172 or GOtv CH 8 to find out! Then, join in the conversation across our social platforms! *Repeats on Saturday at 17:30 and Sunday at 21:00.