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Happy family, happy life?

18 May 2020
How fans voted in the #Umutenge season premiere poll.
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There are a variety of perfectly reasonable grounds for turning down a family member when they make a request to stay at your home for an indefinite period. These range from a lack of space, an unwilling spouse, poor timing or even financial constraints.

But, if they were really desperate and were not at fault in terms of planning or the circumstances involved…would you still say no? What if they were a close relative like a sibling or a parent?

Umutenge Season 2 presented one such scenario. Two sisters, Mrs Chingala and Mrs Silwamba who each found themselves facing vastly differing fortunes.

Mrs Chingala was down and out, having just been rejected and evicted from her marital home. Consequently, she was forced to seek refuge with her sister, Mrs Silwamba. As Mrs Chingala’s options to find an alternative place to stay dwindled, she realised that she in fact had – nowhere else to go. Mrs Silwamba in contrast- had it all going for herself. A doting husband, an array of creature comforts and most importantly security.

#Umutenge set the scene, then we put the ball in YOUR court!  Our poll asked participants to answer the question: If your family member fell upon hard times, would you open the doors of your home up for them?

Here’s how YOU voted!

Poll Participation: 120 votes

OPTION #1: YES - Family first always! 58 %

OPTION #2: YES - But only if it's an emergency – 15 %

OPTION #3: NO - It’s a recipe for disaster – 11 %

OPTION #4: NO - I’d rather help them come up with other alternatives – 16 %

Seems like the majority of participants are all about giving family a helping hand - no strings attached! 💫

That's what Social Media Says! Surprised?

Thank you for participating in the #Umutenge conversation. Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday at 21:00pm on DStv CH 172 or GOtv CH 8, and be sure to cast your vote in our next #OneZed poll!