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Floribert and Queen gave love a second chance

28 November 2018
The couple, both widowers were happy to find love again.
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For many, losing a loved one in death is the saddest thing one can experience - more so if you spent many years with them. Additionally, a second chance to love especially if you are old may seem impossible.

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For Floribert and Queen, it seemed so. They both lost their partners in death, picked up the pieces and moved on although it was not easy. Just when they thought that they'll never find love at their age, they found each other!

How they met

Queen was supervising a construction next to where Floribert was lodging. His friend introduced him to her and he started inspecting her house - noting the mistakes and what needed to be improved. They exchanged contacts, communicated regularly and became good friends. 

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One day, Queen received an SMS that at first, she thought it was not meant for her. Floribert had sent a message, expressing his interest and she was taken back by that. He told her that in life, you can have everything, but you can miss one and he missed a partner. He kept pursuing persistently and sometimes she was irritated by his constant pursuit. Queen slowly warmed up to the idea of having a relationship and they started courting. 

Their children too, Albert and Bupe approved of their relationship and supported him. 'He (Floribert) is a wonderful and caring man", Bupe said. 

Their wedding preparations

They decided to formalize their wedding and for her gown, Queen went for a mermaid dress. Her husband selected her favourite hair colour - purple because he had imagined how his wife was going to look like in it. 

" I saw someone like an angel, coming forward to me. I was so moved and it gave me lots of happiness". That's how Floribert described his bride as she walked down the aisle. 

Their reception was equally beautiful and they together with their guests celebrated in style. 

Here's a full gallery of images of their big day:


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