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Fever Season 2: What it's all about

22 October 2019
Its a story of tragedy, rivalry, control, revenge and justice.
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Fever series 1 ended with Masozi setting fire to the Mvula house, where the Mubiana and Mvula families were having dinner together…

We open Season 2 with a funeral and realize that the fire ended in tragedy: Dumbani Mvula was killed. 😢

The family struggles to pick up the pieces and carry on with their lives in a new home.

A police investigation is underway, and detective Kaputula swears he is not going to rest until the arsonist and killer is found.

David the gardener is arrested on suspicion of murder as no one believes that he did not see anything. He is later released due to lack of evidence.

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Fever Season 2 is a series about secrets, love, revenge and lust, but most of all, about family and the lengths we will go, to have and protect it.


A young man in his 30s, Chela, comes into Rex’s life claiming to be his heir and threatens everything that Rex and Hazel hold dear. His mother broke up with Rex a long time ago, before he met and married Hazel, and was so hurt she chose not to reveal that she was carrying Rex’s son.

Chela’s reception is anything but warm, especially from Hazel, and he becomes resentful and vengeful, aiming to eventually take everything that is owed to him as the true Mvula son and heir.

Rex is devastated by the loss of Dumbani. His search for the arsonist yields no results. He warms up to his new-found son gradually as Chela works to win Rex’s affections. Hazel is not having it, though. Everything she has worked hard and sacrificed for is now under threat.

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With Chela’s arrival, Taonga suddenly has to question his position as de facto heir in the family. He is forced to man up as he sees Chela do the things with and for Rex that Taonga was always reluctant to do.

Rex is torn between Chela, who panders to him and turns out to be the sort of son Rex always wanted, and Taonga whom he loves and has raised since he was an infant.

Becoming part of the Mvula family is not an easy feat, Chela realizes. Hazel and Taonga make it clear that he is unwelcome, and they close ranks, flanked by the house help. Chela makes himself indispensable to Rex, becomes an integral part of the business and Rex’s right-hand man.

Bwembya sits in a great position as the carrier of Rex’s heir. She is well taken care of by Rex, and she throws her weight around until she realizes that Chela is a threat to her too, and he will not go away.

Bwembya loses her baby, and with her sister whispering in her ear, she conspires to get pregnant by Rex again. She is unsuccessful, and once Rex is deceased, she has no place in Mvula Construction. She is ousted by Hazel and Taonga.

Hazel rises to power and prominence, proving to be a formidable opponent to Chela. She is deeply resentful when Rex seems to defer to Chela more than to Taonga and this is part of what boosts her rise to take centre position in the business.

Hazel’s hot sister comes to live with the family and there is sexual tension between her and Chela, even though they feel they cannot act on it.

The temperature is rising on Fever. Be sure to catch it every Tuesdays at 21h00 on DStv Access 172 and GOtv 8.