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Daisy and Mukuka Kaunda’s Big Day – OPWZambia

18 January 2019
Opposites attract as evident in this love story between Daisy and Mukuka
mukuka and daisy kaunda opwzambia

Mukuka Kaunda and Daisy Daka first met while they were both in college and their first impression of each other; though a remarkable one was filled with loads of misconception as she though he was very rude, but he saw someone he wanted to get closer to. With time and a few other encounters, considering they shared the same lecture halls, she started relaxing her opinions about him as she saw in him a gentleman who she felt was worth knowing.

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Mukuka turned on the charm and Daisy swooned into his arms and the couple started dating in 2013. A few months into their relationship, Mukuka popped the question and Daisy had no reservations and said yes.

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Roping in some cinema staff, Mukuka literally proposed on the big screen in a cinema hall filled with people and the resounding applause and a blushing bride who was smitten sealed the deal and the next move was for both families to meet and set a date.

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Now that the D-Day is here, we decided to share some of the highlights with you. A small gallery below shows the celebration of love between these two love birds.


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