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Chikwati Chatu: The Njelenje's Special Day

19 April 2018
The couple share their love story with us.

Richard and Martha met in 2013 and for someone he saw daily on her way to school, one would think charming her was a walk in the park. 

However, the then Miss Sihoka was not going to make it easy for Richard. So, after finally weaving his way into her heart, lovestruck Richard proposed to her but she declined because she wanted to complete her schooling.

After several attempts, including 'the devil interrupting' their communication after she'd moved to another town, Richard persisted. 

Though Martha thought Richard had forgotten about her during that brief period, he found his way back to her and proposed again in 2015 and that was the perfect timing so they reconnected and today they are Mr and Mrs Njelenje. Their big day was filled with love and splendour as family and friends gathered to celebrate with them and what more would Richard want, than a blessing from his father-in-law? 

Everything was perfect; the bride looked ravishing, the groom and his men also looked dapper in their blue and yellow, which complimented the bridesmaid's yellow gowns.

Here are some of the images of their big day:


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