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Charles and Bertha Kasele – OPWZambia

10 January 2019
From false starts to happily ever after, a story of love by Charles and Bertha
charles and bertha kasele opwzambia

Charles and Bertha first met through a mutual friend in college. Known to everyone around him as a quiet guy, Charles, though smitten from the jump; tried to get to know her better before telling her his intentions.

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Bertha saw him as a friend and when she started noticing he wanted a bit more than friendship, she started putting some distance between them and would make excuses to avoid seeing him.

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After an incident when he caught her out on a lie, they both decided to talk things over properly and Charles may have said all the right words that melted her heart and she finally gave in to his advances and agreed to be his girlfriend.

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By the time the couple officially started dating, their relationship hit several snags as Charles lived in a different town and spending time together was an issue due to the distance. The long-distance relationship took a toll on Bertha who broke off the relationship several times.

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His love for her prompted him to make more efforts to spend his weekends with her till it got to a point where they both realized they were meant for each other and the only inevitable outcome was to get married.

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A romantic proposal at a holiday destination sealed the deal for Charles and though it was an initial shock for her mom, both families did the due diligence and a date was set. Let us check out some highlights from the celebration of love below:


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