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There’s a new evil in town – City on Fire

14 December 2020
A masked serial killer haunts the streets of Ndola in season 2
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The second season of City on Fire, the gritty mold-breaking telenovela penned by acclaimed police officer turned writer Wycliff Mwamba kicked off with the rebirth of an old rivalry this November. Muzo was caught red-handed with damning recordings of Gondora's conversations – and although Muzo walked away with his life in this instance,  his actions set off a war with Gondora’s cartel that had far-reaching consequences.

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A pregnant Penelope cried out to the Man of God for the sake of her child, but her efforts proved fruitless. As her guardian grew suspicious about her condition, things got uglier for the desperate young woman. Absolving himself of all responsibility, the Man of God issued her an ultimatum of his own: to either terminate the pregnancy or flee the city.

Penelope wasn’t the only one confronted with a less than supportive paternal figure. Chipo found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place, and in the difficult position of having to tell a newly imprisoned Kangwa that he was a father-to-be.

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Kangwa suddenly had more reason than ever to survive his long stint in prison. He began to pursue a reign of supremacy within the prison walls. The odds seemed to be in his favour, and Kangwa's rabbit-out-of-the-hat-trick of being a prophet had everyone fooled.

Still, all of this paled in comparison to the chilling headlines of dead bodies found dumped on the outskirts of the city. With the police hot on the case, even more bizarre details emerged, including that the killer only targeted male taxi drivers.

Still to come

#CityOnFire season 2 culminates in a war of the creator against the created.

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Two fierce rivals (Muzo and Gondora) battle for supremacy, but this time Dora gets entangled in Muzo's trap. Bernard and Maria remain public enemy number one. Chipo crosses over to the dark side; and eventually, the mask of the serial killer falls to reveal that evil lies in unexpected places.

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