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Snakes and Ladders


Introducing Calamity

28 February 2020
The characters


We are introduced to the Henry and Miyoba Kamanga around the evening of their 10th anniversary celebration. Despite their relationship appearing glossy and aspirational at first glance, their marriage is on the rocks. Who can they turn to for solace?

Chewe is a ship tossed about at sea, torn between Towela and Tasila.
Who will he choose? And at what cost?

DJ Rant is a star on the rise. He takes his number one fan – who happens to be Miyoba out for a date. To his surprise they have an instant connection at first meeting, and he begins to pursue her.

Love is blind, and although Tasila is a woman scorned - and fails to find the support she needs from Chewe when she needs it most - her love for him only grows stronger and fiercer.

Towela’s relationship with Chewe is a breeding ground of duplicity, trauma and calamitous events, yet she too holds on to the hope and illusion of his love.

From jail cells to wedding receptions, lover’s and rivals, deceptions versus reality, Calamity is the story of bad habits catching up with their doer. It uncovers the unique footprints on the pathway to inevitable pain, death and disaster.

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