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Bwalya Mumba chooses Precious — DMF Zambia

24 October 2019
Will he impress her enough to go on a second date?
date my family

Bwalya is a 40-year-old landscaper and interior decorator and describes himself as God-fearing, hardworking and a friendly person. He is searching for a woman that has similar goals and values as him and able to recognizes his African cultural norms and beliefs. He is attracted to tall ladies but he is honestly not up for anyone that does things in excess.

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Precious friends marketed her well and in her words, she says she "gained some points" which led to Bwalya picking her to go on a date with. During the date, Bwalya felt that she was reserved and laid back. Precious shared the fact that she would like 10 children...which Bwalya felt was a bit unrealistic. 

Watch how their date went here:

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