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Bogade: Kunkeyani Phiri - the 'lyrical master'

19 July 2018
Meet Kunkeyani Phiri or Smoke on Bogade.
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Kunkeyani Phiri goes by the name 'Smoke' on your favourite comedy series Bogade. He is the last born in the family of three and upcoming rapper who doesn't care much about life except his music. He together with his brother and sister, Mulenga and Mwansa are left to care for the house after their parents leave for the USA.

Pandemonium breaks out in the house as the unruly kids get out of control. Then their parents decide that their uncle, Jumbe from the village should move in with them and brings a rather new dimension to the politics of the house. 

Outside of Bogade, Phiri is an artist popularly known as “Kunkeyani tha jedi”.

Kunkeyani was born in Lusaka Zambia in 1992 and completed Grade 12 in 2010. He studied marketing but decided to venture into music. 

He describes himself as the 'lyrical master' and his main focus is hip-hop music. 

He was discovered by music producer Peezy Cables in 2010 and today he's grown to become one of the best hip-hop artists in Zambia. 

Here's one of the interviews he's had recently

Here is one of his favourite tracks:

Like I Made It


Bogade airs on One Zed Tv every Tuesdays at 20h00