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Blasting back to the past! – One Zed

09 June 2020
Turn back the hands of time with us as we zero-in on how some of your favourite One Zed stars have transformed over the years.
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It’s more than just nostalgia, there’s something truly beautiful about seeing snap shots of a person’s journey through life - from finding oneself to growing in strength, character and wisdom. Something about that simple, before-and-after that speaks volumes with regard to - years of tenacity and unseen sacrifices that paved the way for the final metamorphosis. for this reason we have put together snapshots of glimpses into the past culminating into the future for good measure.


Host of My Kitchen Party

A formidable combination of beauty and intellect. Iku might have elected to pursue her first love-of lighting it up in front of the cameras as an entertainment personality, but did you know that she also has a Bachelor of Science Degree.


That piercing look in Iku’s eyes just screams, “grown woman slaying in her lane!”. She’s gone from being a coy student with her whole life ahead of her, to an accomplished Host & MC who knows exactly what she’s doing… *ahem* .. THAT!




Lead Actress on Lusaka Maids


A massive throwback to this gifted young woman’s pre-stardom days. We can’t get over how wholesome this shot is. Pristine smile, natural curls, flowy summer dress – It all screams back to the carefree days of youth.


Once a girl, now a woman. Moono’s fiancé popped the big question on Tuesday (2 June 2020) and she said “YES” before sharing the heart-warming moment with all of us on IG. We can’t help but wonder as we look at the young girl in the previous shot how she envisioned this moment panning out. Can any of us ever truly imagine the treasures that await us in life? All we know is, this is a beautiful sight to behold and we celebrate their love!

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Lead Actress on Zuba


As many of us can attest, the teens can be an awkward time for fashion as we navigate our identity, rapidly changing bodies and race toward adulthood. With that said, some of us are simply born with a natural flair for all things glamorous and this throwback shows us Kasazi falls squarely into this category. We’re obsessed with how good she looks in this 2016 throwback. The dress, minimal jewellery and bold lips are just classic and timeless.


More impressive is how Kasazi has managed to elevate her style even further and you can attest to that, a growing and successful career as one of Zambia’s most sought-after actresses. Still a style icon certainly but now also-the picture of elegance.

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