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Snakes and Ladders


Best of the laughs

31 January 2020
Mwine Mushi's heady mix of laughs and lessons

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In this instalment, Mwine Mushi is called in to broker a fair judgement in the case: Polopela versus The-In-Laws.
Polopela recklessly accrued a huge amount of debt and Pezula demands his recompense. The verdict would potentially have Polopela working for his in-laws without pay for an entire year! Watch the highlight of the episode here: https://onezed.dstv.com/video/when-in-debt-mwine-mushi

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It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt... and then demands to be compensated for the 'psychological' and physical injuries! Learn the consequences of Polopela's ill-natured actions here: https://onezed.dstv.com/video/penalties-mwine-mushi

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A wiley cayote, a sly fox! Polopela's mysterious disappearance has some distinctly underhanded overtones. Mischief was done here! Check out our highlight clip: https://onezed.dstv.com/video/penalties-mwine-mushi

There are plenty more laughs with #MwineMushi still to come! Make sure you catch them Thursdays at 20:30 on DStv CH 172 or GOtv CH 8.