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August: The month of NEW shows

27 July 2018
The following shows are premiering in August: Cotgrit Ma Jimbo and Our Perfect Wedding Zambia.
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We have brand new shows in August! Here's what you can look forward to:


This show replaces Bogade and will air in the same timeslot - at 21h00 every Tuesdays

About the show:

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Ma Jimbo is a situational comedy that is derived from everyday awkward situations that are turned into comedic ounces. With a touch of parody, it follows the lives of four young men and a lady, living in a compound and who find themselves in humorous and satirical situations which are enhanced by the people around them.

Ma Jimbo premieres on 7 August.


This show replaces Umutenge and will air at 20h30 every Thursdays 

About the show

1532613621 34 epg 1600 900

Secrets of certain past events fly back with a vengeance to disrupt the order of things among the tribes of the great Zambezi river. 

Cotgrit premieres on 9 August 

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia

1532613732 34 epg 1600 900

Every bride dreams of her fairytale wedding. Every groom wants his bride to be happy and have everything she wants on this big day, the start of their lives as husband and wife.  Our Perfect Wedding will follow each couple’s process to the perfect day, the perfect venue, to the perfect dress, to the perfect entrance dance.

The show will be hosted by Kalenga

Our Perfect Wedding Zambia premieres on 15 August at 21h00


One Zed Tv airs on GO tv channel 8.