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Snakes and Ladders


Njila Season 2 –End Game

31 March 2020
Njila Season 2 exits centre stage with a bang!

Njila Season 2 brought to the fore a vicious cat and mouse game played out in an atmosphere seething with corruption, backstabbing, recrimination and wild plots to disinherit the defenceless. As Jane and Gomez grew stronger and wiser, Uncle Tom and whatever else dared to stand in their way faced a fierce fight!

The season finale saw Miso demanding her just dues from Uncle Tom, as payment for all the dirty deeds she had done for him AND all that this work had cost her. However, Uncle Tom wasn’t done with Miso yet, and had one more ‘request’ of her. Miso saw no choice but to flee far far away from this never-ending fountain of hatred. In her escape, she all-too-quickly came upon an opportunity to get her recompense. This opportunity which seemed to be too good to be true turned out to be just that – and lady karma was taking no prisoners.

Jane realized her feelings for Mainza, leaving Jimmy heartbroken. However, Jane soon learned something about Mainza that cast a shadow over their new-found love.

Gomez and Noah on the other hand, bonded over a heist. They got the club back in business, but this joy was short-lived, as Gomez quickly spiralled into depression after discovering that the club no longer belonged to him.

Hounded by trouble, opportunists, crooks and bad deals, Gomez decided that enough was enough! But a lightning fast twist had Jane beating him to the punch and putting herself in danger to try and save the day!

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