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All the times we laughed endlessly – #Bestof21

31 December 2021
Nothing completes our OneZed viewing experience like a good laugh, courtesy of our favourite characters!
Times we endlessly laughed

One of the reasons we all enjoy watching OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8 is for that special weekly dose of laughter we get from the entertaining shows.

This year was no different and was filled with rib-cracking moments that showed up in all our OneZed comedies and drama series’.

We have decided to shine a light on some of these #BestOf21 moments that had us tumbling on the floor.

A funny family meeting

Remember on Security Guard when Alibaba still hadn’t paid bride price for Doro and had her father continuously worked up and angry at him? He made Alibaba sit on a high chair at a family meeting called to address this issue. What made it hilarious is how Alibaba looked like a “boss” and promised to pay the dowry once he received his salary, but it was immediately revealed that he had failed to do so SIX TIMES before! Does he really plan to marry Doro or did he just want get out of this awkward situation with her family?

Watch him under questioning in the video below.

The disastrous proposal

We cannot forget the time on Shi Mumbi when Belinda was busy working on her wedding ceremony and kitchen party and Rex decided to hire some drunk women to act as if they were his family representatives. It does not end there! After the disastrous family introductions, Rex presented a musical marriage proposal to Belinda over dinner, which made her collapse in shock. We are not sure what that reaction was all about but we know that Belinda is a real drama queen at heart. 😂

Watch the video below for a good laugh!

Don’t fight with Lute!

The ever dramatic telenovela Zuba always gives us huge doses of humour, between the drama – and we could never forget Lute and Mr Chuule’s verbal clash. What was Mr Chuule’s mission to encourage Mainza to financially compensate his son-in-law, turned into a fight. Lute was not ready to let this man tell her husband Mainza how to manage their financial decisions. This exchange led to Mr Chuule promising to beat Lute one day but we all know who will be winning this fight, should it ever happen!

Check out this argument in the video below.

These are just some of the times we laughed endlessly in 2021, here on One Zed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 8.

Make sure you’re plugged in as we start off the year for more giggles and laughter from our favourite Zambian actors.