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A love that lasts forever – Esther & Chaka: Forever Yours

07 September 2021
We look at the true meaning of love and how to keep it.
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Love comes in all shapes and sizes but the day we find true love is the happiest day of our lives. Love truly can change one’s life and that’s why it is so coveted.  

We see happy couples every day and we sometimes ask ourselves how did they do it? There is no single formula to finding love but we thought we could take a page off Esther and Chaka’s book and compile a checklist that will bring us close to it.

- No love comes without its own challenges and if you and your partner can weather the storms coming your way, then half the battle is won. Challenges are vital for every growing relationship. 

- Choosing each other all day, every day is a sure sign of commitment between two people. It tells the world that no matter what problems the couple go through, nothing can change the love they have for one another.

- External forces i.e., friends and family, are always appreciated but never ideal for a growing couple mainly because the couple needs room to be able to make their own decisions, make mistakes, and learn together. 

- Fall in love with your best friend. It’s not a scientific fact but the best friend part makes for an easier transition into the love part. Marrying your best friend is the easiest choice to make because the person already knows everything about you and has a better chance at being in a relationship with you longer than a stranger would.

- Loyalty goes a long way, probably longer than love. People who have been hurt before tend to settle for loyalty if the chance to love again comes along. It’s a mechanism that seems to have worked for a select few. Again, it’s not a scientific fact but a preference thing.

What other traits do you believe brought Esther and Chaka together? And kept them together to a point where they walked down the aisle and lived happily ever after? We’re very keen to hear some of the tips you might have in finding and keeping true love.

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