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A list of the hottest genres on OneZed!

10 June 2021
We are leaving you spoilt for choice.
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No one day is the same and depending on the one you’ve had, you’ll want to watch something that will suit the mood you’re in. We’re happy to report that our exciting genres have got you covered, no matter what mood you’re in.

Reality and Lifestyle

The reality is that everyone is looking for love, so with that in mind we bring you Date My Family Botswana. Our singles meet with their potential dates’ family and they have to trust that they are representing them well enough to be chosen for a final date at the end. We can’t guarantee that there will be a second date, but we can guarantee that you’ll be entertained! Catch #DMFBots every Wednesday at 19:00hrs.

If you love learning useful hacks that you can use in your everyday life and aren’t afraid to get real and to the heart of the matter about issues affecting society; we welcome you to #Tuvwange. This is some of the best talk show TV made with you in my mind! Join us for an hour of information and entertainment every Wednesday at 21:30hrs.


Thursday’s aren’t only for throwbacks. On #OneZed they’re also for comedy! If you’re looking for rib-cracking laughter then you’ve come to the right place. Our comedies will make you forget about a bad day and we can guarantee that they’ll leave you in stitches. These are some of the best homegrown comedies and we guarantee they’ll leave you wanting more.

Thursdays are covered with Landlady Meets Landlord season 2  at 20:00hrs, Spoiler season 1 at 20:30hrs, and Security Guard at 21:00hrs.


If you love your routine, then make an appointment with us Monday to Wednesday for our telenovelas. You will not be disappointed. Here’s why!


The second season of Mpali focuses on Nguzu, a rich and powerful polygamist who marries yet another woman to the disbelief of his wives and many children. Mpali focuses on the different family dynamics within a polygamist household as well as all the drama and complexities that go along with it. #Mpali airs  Monday - Wednesday at 20:30hrs.


Zuba is navigating her new life and dealing with the issues of her fake marriage certificate, Joshua undermining her new leadership role, and her new role as wife to her love, Thando. There are many twists and turns, you do not want to miss an episode! Watch Zuba Monday - Wednesday at 20:00hrs.


There’s only one way to describe the drama on #OneZed: action-packed! But don’t take our word for it, tune in to Ubuntu every Monday - Tuesday at 21:30hrs to see family betray and lie to each other, steal and even kill for the throne.

We told you we had all the genres you need.