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A life without Nguzu – Mpali

17 May 2021
What would we do without Nguzu?
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The storyline in Mpali in the past week has centred around Nguzu’s disappearance. The farm workers have been up in arms, threatening to down tools, the children have been unravelling and the wives have been lost. Everything that has happened has pointed to the fact that the farm needs Nguzu to operate at its best, but let’s imagine a farm and a life without him.


Junza as the Mai Guru would probably have to step up more than she has now. She would probably become so overwhelmed that she would agree to sign the farm over to Nguzu’s brother, Cheelo.


The truth would surface about how Nguzu’s disappeared because Cheelo wouldn’t be able to keep up with being blackmailed and would probably end up letting everything get to his head and he’d get arrested, which would probably see the farm being in the hands of the children.

The wives:

The wives would probably remarry and move away, with the exception of Junza, but they’d all want a share of the farm and demand it be split equally amongst themselves and their children. This would also probably start another “war” amongst them because who would oversee this?

The workers:

The workers would probably have more knowledge of what’s going on the farm and could easily be tempted to steal and sell things on the farm to earn their living.

This brings us to the conclusion that life without Mr. Nguzu would not be a life anyone is ready for.

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