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A household of unhappy wives – Mpali

23 July 2021
We have all heard the phrase ‘Happy wife, happy life’. Well, our Mr Nguzu has a long way to go.
KWT 9002

The second season of Mpali kicked off with a bang and it turns out the wives are the unhappiest of the lot. Nguzu decided to take another wife and his wives and children were in disbelief. As a result, the dynamics of the household have become really tense.

This week we saw Nancy and Nguzu return from their honeymoon. Nancy showered everyone with presents, including the workers, upon their return. The rest of the wives were not having it and did not accept it. They have shown their unhappiness by even refusing to cook for Nguzu and insisting that Nancy do it.

Shupiwe even tried to sneak into the master bedroom to talk to Nguzu, and Nancy interrupted them by walking in and asking her to leave. You’d think Nguzu would have come to her defence or said something, but he didn’t.

What will happen next?

  1. The wives will sabotage some of the decisions made in the household. They are planning to execute a plan to go against the idea of hiring a new maid and gardener.
  2. The wives will draw closer to one another because they have a common “enemy”.
  3. The wives will end up resenting Nguzu. As it stands, Mwiza wants nothing to do with him.

Do you think Nancy will last in the Nguzu household and will the wives ever come to accept her?

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