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A confidence lesson by Nomarussia: Igazi

17 January 2019
If there’s one thing we could all learn from Nomarussia, it’s her confidence!
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Nomarussia is the one villain we love to hate. Her self-assurance, strong sense of character and her overwhelming bossiness make for a woman ready to fight at every turn. However, one must applaud her for her room-filling confidence.

Of course, confidence is a characteristic we love seeing on our favourite noble characters – but Nomarussia has owned it as a villain to top all villains. She has mastered the art of using her confidence as a superpower of sorts. After all, she is the only one who calls the shots to a ‘real-life’ witch, her cousin S’cotho.

With that said, here are 10 confidence lessons we learned from Nomarussia:

  1. There is no confidence without self-love.

  1. Own your beauty: Nomarussia did say, “Luckily I’m beautiful, so you can’t see my pain”.
  2. Stick to your guns and do what you think is best for YOU: If this doesn’t happen, you know who Nomarussia is seeing next – S’cotho.

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  1. Fall in love with who you see in the mirror.
  2. Own the person you really are: She will NEVER enjoy S’cotho’s ‘frog tea’ and she doesn’t hide it.
  3. Never settle: After all, Nomarussia is still on the mission of getting her son on the throne.


  1. Know your worth (Take it a pinch of salt, especially from Nomarussia).
  2. Make way for the things you want.

  1. Always remember that the only affirmation you need is YOURS!
  2. Keep your loved ones close – they know you best: In Nomarussia’s case, her son Jonga, and cousin S’cotho are her pillars, without them, she wouldn’t be the woman she is.

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Vatiswa Ndara, who plays the character Nomarussia, said it best, “I love her confidence and self-love” in a Destiny Magazine interview.

For your weekly dose of Nomarussia, catch Igazi every Thursday at 21:00 on One Zed TV GOtv channel 8.