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10 iconic moments on Zuba – Zambezi Magic

21 November 2022
As we celebrate 1000 episodes of Zuba, let’s take a look at moments we will never forget!

Zuba has kept us glued to our television screens over the last six seasons and we can truly say the telenovela has become a staple in most homes in the region. Every night at 20:00hrs on Zambezi DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5, it has been plot twist after plot twist, as we follow the lives of the Moono, Sosala and Gawa family members.

There have been incredible moments that prompted us all to share our feelings about what we saw “on last night’s episode” online, and we forever cherish these times, as Zuba’s 1000th episode beckons.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on some iconic moments.

1. The early days when Zuba saved the Sosala factory and fell in love with Thando

Who knew that a simple village girl would end up falling in love and marrying into a wealthy family? Wealth is great, but it comes with its own baggage. Thando Sosala’s first meeting with Zuba Moono was the reason why the Sosala Factory remained open, and jobs were saved. It was the beginning of a love story that would have many twists and turns as it unfolded, and we learned that although it may be green on the other side, there may just be weeds after all! Here’s a clip of the first days Zuba’s light caught Thando’s eye.

2. When Zuba was disguised as Zara Salvador

Remember when Zuba became another person, in her bid to get into the Sosala house to find evidence that could prove her innocence? She was not going to let her chance at a new career in design pass her by. Her disguise as Zara Salvador, a stunning Angolan lady who ended up in a wild feud with Wana over Thando, was something to behold. Even Mr. Charles Sosala could not keep his eyes off her! Here’s a look at the time Zuba disguised herself as Zara.

3. The ‘beef’ between Dr Jaden and Charles

When Charles Sosala knew his wife Phingiwe was seeing Dr Jaden, he decided to do something about it. He confronted the doctor for poisoning Phingiwe because she became very ill under his care. Charles challenged Jaden and it became a gripping case of “May the best man win” that had us on the edge of our seats. Mr. Sosala was not as innocent as you may think though, and we all know how this marriage ended. Watch the memory below!

4. When Zuba moved mountains to find baby Mutinta after she was kidnapped

Love can make people do many things and kidnapping is one of them. Angelina, in an act of revenge, took baby Mutinta from Zuba and this sent the poor young mother on a crazy journey to get her child back. Thando and Vinny were at the center of it all, with many attempts made to find baby Mutinta. This was a very emotional moment for most fans who identify as mothers, and they shared their sentiments online. Watch the touching episode here.

5. Limbani vs Lute: A sibling pair we love

Everybody loves Lute and everyone loves Limbani – and we love them more when they are together! The siblings are always thinking about money and anything that will make them extra ndalama. Sending Zuba to work as a maid at the Sosalas was one of their memorable schemes which did not really work in their favour, but hers. A time we will never forget is when Limbani blackmailed Lute into making him breakfast. Catch this moment below!

6. When Dr Jaden was killed

Death had been knocking on Dr Jaden’s door for a long time, courtesy of his heavy involvement in crime. It was unfortunate that this time around in season five, there was no escape for him. Women that he once loved dearly plotted against him, and Bwalya successfully took his life after clearly making it known that enough was enough. It was a very sad moment for the Sosalas, even though Phingiwe was one of the masterminds behind his death. Watch Jaden’s final moments below.

7. Lute and Mainza’s marital issues continue

Lute and Mainza will always be a reminder never to force love. Lute and Mainza have had marital problems for as long as we can remember, because the desire for love is what made Lute arrange Mutinta’s kidnapping more than 20 years ago. All seemed well until Mutinta returned from many years in captivity and Mainza brought Sandra, a new younger wife. This is when Lute struck again and it became clear these Moono marital issues don’t seem to have an end!

8. When Suwi confronted her father Mainza for his absence in her life

What a touching scene this was! We are sure a few of us shed a tear along with Suwi, who was questioning her father for his absence in her life since she was a baby. She could not believe that Mainza just forgot about her when she went missing, when her biological mother Mutinta was kidnapped. We are glad they have reconnected after all these years! Click below to catch up on this sad moment for the Moono household.

9. Niko and Zuba’s wedding

This was a wedding to remember as Zuba sat across Niko in her stunning traditional wear. It was a perfect moment because we had been waiting for the day Zuba and Niko finally became official. They had been sneaking around for too long and now they could spend the rest of their lives together. Don’t you think they were meant to be? Lute also put on an unforgettable show as she declared herself to be Zuba’s real mother. Watch snippets of the marriage ceremony below.

10. When Thando was shot

This was a defining moment for the Sosala family, and our hearts broke as we watched the telenovela’s sweetheart being laid to rest. We also ached for Zuba wo was not dealing well with Thando’s death. Niko was also badly hurt in the accident that killed Thando and we were worried about possibly losing another important part of Zuba’s life. Here is the sad moment we will never forget.

These are some of the most iconic moments we have watched on Zuba, over the last one thousand episodes of endless drama. Join the celebration and share your favourite moments with us on the official Zambezi Magic social media platforms.

Stay tuned in for more drama on Zuba every Monday to Friday at 20:00hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Supa Channel 5.