The Queens Return!

26 October 2023
Drama unfolds in Season 2 of Royal Qlique premiering on Zambezi Magic!

Hold onto your crowns, because Zambia's most talked-about reality show is back and fiercer than ever. Royal Qlique Season 2 airs Sunday at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic.

The drama, the luxury, and the flaming passion are all returning for another riveting show! It's going to be exciting right from the start as we meet fresh faces and dig deeper into the lives of our beloved divas: Mercy Mukwiza, Bombshell, Xarah, and Ivanka. Question is: Will the new players who are stepping onto the reality stage bring unity or even more drama? Bombshell, with the help of the mysterious new cast member Naise, tries to mend broken bridges. But will Mercy and Xarah ever consider a truce with Ivanka? Xarah's mysterious past with Avocado's dad becomes a topic of contention, while Mercy takes bold strides to elevate her brand, Yellow Stiletto. And just when Ivanka believes she has found a friend in Kuka, things may take an unexpected turn.

"The second season of Royal Qlique brings interesting and engaging storylines, it also digs deeper into the complex relationships, ambitions, and vulnerabilities of these remarkable women. If you thought you knew drama, wait until you see this," says Zambezi Magic channel head, Mosibudi Pheeha.

What's new this season:

  • New entrants and dynamics: Naise, the assertive prophetess; Shadaya, the ever-enticing socialite; and Kuka, the drama-loving actress, join the scene, promising to stir the pot and challenge the established Royal Qlique relationships.
  • Real themes, real emotions: This season offers an intimate exploration of themes like single parenthood, dating post-30, and the pressures of legacy-building, ensuring viewers connect on deeper levels with the women as they go through their lives.
  • A season of transformation: From Bombshell's ambitious venture into music management to Mercy's quest to solidify her presence in media and fashion, our queens are on transformative journeys. And with all our queens single this season, expect a whirlwind of romance, jealousy, and passion. All roads lead to Royal Qlique. Every episode is an invitation to the world of glamour, ambition, and high-stakes drama.

Ensure your Sundays are booked, because this is the reality extravaganza you've been waiting for. Don't miss Royal Qlique, premiering Sunday, 22 October at 20:00 on Zambezi Magic DStv channel 162 and every Sunday thereafter.