Royal Qlique S2 has been A Reign of Change!

14 December 2023
Unveiling the New Royals and Transformative Journeys in Royal Qlique's Riveting second Season.
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What a ride it has been in the extraordinary world of Zambia’s favourite reality Queens: The Royal Qlique.

We have watched the lives of the RQ unfold as relationships were laid bare, hustles challenged and transformations took centre stage. Prophetess Naise, Shadaya, and Kuka join the scene, exploring real life themes like single parenthood, post-30 dating, and the pressures of legacy-building.

Each episode has been an invitation into a world where the glitz of glamour meets the grit of ambition. The RQ brought along with them waves of drama but also some heartfelt moments and growth. These three themes stood out for us:

Mediations and mended fences

With all the fights and near altercations this season, the ladies found themselves at some point being on the giving or receiving end of the olive branch. Although not all apologies were accepted. We can however give kudos to the ladies for the efforts to mend relationships and showing up for each other!

Tea! Tea and more tea was spilt!

Secrets were revealed and the Qlique was left either speechless or feuding. Remember Kuka’s accusations? Or when Shadaya dropped a bomb on Bombshell? And Ivanka’s spill on her love affair had our jaws on the floor. We all love a good gossip, and these ladies left us sipping all their Tea!

Personal struggles and Transformation

No doubt about the commitment these ladies have to family and the challenges they are willing to endure for the ones they love. And, as life would have it, challenges also flowed into their personal lives as dodgy business deals, shady managers and social media tired throw their crowns off, but we have seen our Queens rise over and over.

This season has been a canvas of change, a testament of growth and with our ladies looking for love, who do you think will end up finding their Mr?

Don’t miss the final episode of Royal Qlique season two Sunday 14 January at 20:00hrs, right here on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162 and GOtv Channel 5.