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Tatenda and Tendai Mafuriranwa – OPWZim

13 May 2019
Some say love at first sight doesn’t exist, but they haven’t met our couple yet
tatenda and tendai opwzim ep 4

Tatenda and Tendai first met officially when he was heading to the classroom with his friends to study for an exam and she was with her friends heading to an all-night prayer meeting. They both exchanged numbers and promised to talk later. A second meeting at church and Tatenda asked her out on a date, to which she accepted. That date marked the beginning of their relationship, but the official stamp was when Tendai replied to him the next day accepting to be his girlfriend.

The couple admitted that they were both smitten with each other, so the inevitable next step was to start prepping for their wedding day, citing three things on their Wishlist. As usual, we tagged along to witness it all. Here’s their wishlist items:


The couple opted for a fruit cake and had their wedding day masterpiece commissioned months in advance, in order to give the caterer all the time she needed, and it was worth it.


The same finesse that was applied to the cake carried through with the décor and the jaw dropping masterpiece was evident for all to see.


The bride didn’t want anything over the top and her makeup artiste duly obliged; helping the gorgeous bride attain her dream look for her biggest day.

The wedding day arrived with much fanfare and though there was a three hour delay before the festivities kicked off, the bride and groom couldn’t hide their excitement which pretty much infected everyone as the day turned into a massive celebration of love.

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