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Owen and Fadzai Chimuka – OPWZim

17 June 2019
Being family friends for a long time didn't make it easy for Owen to tell Fadzai his true feelings, but true love surmounts all obstacles
opwzim ep 9 owen and fadzai

Fadzi and Owen had always known each other from way back, Owen was best friends with Fadzi’s brother. The two guys were so close to the extent that Owen would come around their place and Fadzi would cook for them. Fadzi and Owen’s relationship turned romantic in 2012 while Fadzi was living in S.A and Owen revealed the true feelings he harboured for her on her social media page. Always having viewed Owen as a brother, Fadzi was shocked at this revelation and did not immediately believe it nor did she have an answer this proposal. 

By the time she returned to home, she met up with Owne and after they both discussed their mutual feelings towards each other, they agreed to give the relationship a chance. Despite the challenges they faced, the love birds were committed to making the relationship work and Owen felt he owed it to herbrother to tell him he was dating his sister; even more shocking to Owen was the fact that his friend was ok with it.

Despite the criticisms from those close to them, they have stood their ground, weathered a one year separation and are now getting married. The couple have chosen to place the venue Decor, Wedding Gown and Cake as the three items on their wishlist and we tagged along to see how the ceremony went.


Owen wisely allowed Fadzai to handle the instructions to the organizer and her choices of Burgundy, burnt Gold and dusty pink gave the decor company an interesting palette to work with, creating magic in the process


Again, Fadzai was trusted to make the choice of caterer and cake style they would use on their wedding day and the intricacies of the cake she chose says alot about her taste in style.

Wedding Gown:

Fadzai said she has always had an idea what type of dress she would wear when her wedding day came, and her joy spilled over when she found a local stockist who had the perfect dress for her perfect day.

All the elements for the big day came together nicely and the couple and their wedding party looked stunning in their outfits, acoupled with the ambience an outdoor garden wedding provides, the mood was set for a picturesque event, which culminated in the exchange of vows; and a few tears of joy at the reception when the bride danced with her mother.

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