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Isaac And Kuzivakwashe – OPWZim

26 April 2019
These lovebirds met at an overnight service and that birthed their romance
isaac and Kuzivakwahse on OPWZim ep 2

Isaac Mandishona first met Kuzivakwashe Makumura in 2017 when he went to church to secure seats for his family for the New Year’s Eve service where she came to do the same thing for her family. They had to sit beside each other, and they developed a friendship immediately.

He had to dash back to South Africa on the 4th but they maintained their friendship which developed into a relationship. When he asked her to make their relationship formal, she said yes, and plans went underway for their nuptials.

The couple have chosen to put three items on their Wishlist; and these are the Décor, Cake and Gown. Let us check out how their wish list turned out for them.


For the colors of the day, the couple have chosen dark blue and dusty pink and their decorator has laid out options for them to go with.


With their choice of a fruit cake filling, the couple had to put in their order 3 months in advance and the result is breathtaking. A 3-tier cake with 9 individual pieces.


Kuziva’s first choice dress had a last-minute mishap and she had to settle for option no 2. A ball gown dress with nude lacey sleeves. She said her husband would have preferred a short-sleeved dress, but he would still love option 2 as well.

On the wedding day, the skies opened up with rain and though it put a small dampener on proceedings, but Kuziva believes it is a sign of Heaven’s blessings on their union.

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