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Eugenia And Tichaona Chirume – OPWZim

01 July 2019
It was love at first sight for Tichaona when he met Eugenia and though she was still in high school; he was patient until both families were ok with their union
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Tichaona first met Eugenia in 2008 when he found out she was a senior at his younger brother’s college. Looking for a reason to talk to her, he asked her if she could help him buy the school blazer for his brother because he didn’t have time due to work commitments.

Eugenia bought the blazer and handed it over but was shocked that Tichaona kept coming back to see her, bringing her lunch and gifts. Eugenia started falling for him because he was always well dressed and looked like a well-organized person; so when he asked her out officially after 3 months, she said yes and the pair started dating.

The couple have added three things to their wish-list as they anticipate their big day and as we brace to celebrate with them, let us check out all the three items they have selected.


Tichaona decided to let Eugenia handle all the cake decisions and she chose to work with a lady she has known for over 10 years, and the navy blue and blush pink cake looked stunning.


Eugenia went with a sleeveless ball gown look which accentuated her figure properly without looking tacky and was a major eye popper.


It takes a good man to allow his wife dress him up and Eugenia’s choice of a 3 piece suit for her husband was a spot on match for him.

With the wedding day upon us, the ceremony went swimmingly well and the bridal train looked all shades of stunning. The couple looked like they were having so much fun and relieved that their big day is going well with very little hitches.

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