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The man with many talents – Zambezi Magic

08 November 2021
FJay took us through his life and time in Mungoma.
Muzos FB Live Chat

There are a few chances to interact with idols and even less chances to liaise with living legends like Fumbani Louis Changaya, also known as FJay and of course, Muzo on our favourite musical show Mungoma on #ZambeziMagic. 

We got an opportunity to infiltrate his busy schedule recently to have a live chat on Zambezi Magic official Facebook page and he was very excited to link up with his fan base. And our hearts melted when he started serenading us with his sultry voice and music. ??? 

FJay is booked and busy. As much as we enjoy watching him on #ZMMungoma every Thursday and Friday evening, the man wears many hats; from being a music producer; to being a great actor; to owning a clothing line, no wonder the fans couldn’t help but be in awe of his thriving career.  

When asked what similarities he has with his character Muzo, he told his fans that there are a few, which include Muzo’s fashion sense and cleanliness; down to their shared love for music and the therapy it provides them daily. “Music is my therapy and my go-to place whenever I’m feeling some type of way,” he said. 

Throughout his live chat, the fans kept asking him to either sing a song or impersonate one of his favourite Mungoma character or colleague. Muzo opted to do Dr Nkalango and he killed it. The comments came flooding in, with his followers congratulating him on a job well done. 

For those interested in his musical process, he broke it down for them, saying that he often creates a song by listening to the beat first. “My process is to first get the beat, listen to it then the words and flow follows.” And it seems to be working because he has made a name for himself not only through acting and fashion, but through his music as well.  

Remember to tune in to Mungoma every Thursday – Friday at 20:00hrs on Zambezi Magic DStv Channel 162.