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The season that was – Mungoma

08 February 2021
A breath-taking finish to season 1

Sadly, its that time again, when we come to the end of a much-loved season. Is there however, an end in sight to all the spills, thrills and dramatic revelations brought on by Mungoma? Not a chance! Here are some of the memorable moments that have left us wanting (and expecting) more!

Firstly, Zulu has a son? An actual biological son? In typical dramatic fashion, Mungoma saved this tasty morsel for last. The interesting thing is, unlike many parasites that flock to Zulu for what he can do for THEM, Busiku wants absolutely nothing to do with his father and has rejected the idea of building a relationship with him. To add more spice to the pot, it seems that the young man, like his dad, only has eyes for Towela. Gasp, anyone?!

And let’s not forget Zulu’s other child, Ruzivo - who’s romance with Muzo was discovered by her husband Alex in the dying  minutes of season 1. Are you clutching your pearls yet?

If not, then this might do the trick. Out of the blue, Kangwa managed to get his hands on the devilishly illusiveshares to the family business; placing him in possession of the majority shareholding of #ZMMungoma Records. Now it’s time to rock n’ roll folks! Kangwa finally has the power to reclaim his birth right, and goodness help the man or woman who gets in the way.

We’ve laid it all out for you. What are some of your favourite/most memorable moments of the season Zambezi?Let us know using the hashtag #ZMMungoma
Until next time!
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