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Get to know our leading ladies – Mungoma

17 November 2020
Not only are our ladies multi-talented, but they are incredibly diverse too.

Mungoma tells the story of the music industry in Zambia through various characters and storylines. Drama ensues as everyone with a stake in the label, finds themselves caught up in the fight for ownership and control of Mungoma Records.

Read on to meet the ladies in line for the throne…

M’faweli Tau Mwambo plays Naomi Kangwa, Andrea Zulu’s wife. Despite being fairly new to the industry, M’faweli has already landed hard-hitting roles such as that of the villainess ‘Miranda’ on the hit telenovela Zuba.

Her current role as Naomi Kangwa on #ZMMungoma sees her going toe-to-toe against a formidable adversary, and fighting to reclaim Mungoma Records, a legacy that she had casually handed over to her husband (Andrea Zulu). Tune in to watch her emerge unapologetically from the shadows to rule an empire. (PS, she is also hiding a secret that she has kept away from Andrea.)

Mutinta Mari who plays Ruzivo Zulu, Andrea Zulu’s daughter in #ZMMungoma has been a shining light in Zambia’s media and entertainment industry for over a decade. In Mungoma, she is an only child doted on by her parents, and to please them she agrees to marry a man of their choice despite being in love with Muzo the garden boy-turned-musician.

As strife and battles within the family escalate, secrets and skeletons tumble out of the closet, and she learns the hard way that neither her father nor wealth and privilege can protect her from real life.

Fashion designer, model, and actress Esther Banda stars on #ZMMungoma as Towela Kamanga, a young woman who desperately craves the good life. Towela enters into an entanglement with her best friend’s father because of the ‘good life’ he affords her. Reality bites, however, and when things inevitably turn sour she decides to change her ways and carry on with her life away from the Zulu clan. If only it were that simple…

Mesmerised yet? See them all in action on #ZMMungoma, every Monday to Wednesday at 19:30hrs on #ZambeziMagic DStv CH 162.