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While the cat’s away – Mpali

01 June 2020
Nguzu’s absence has left the farm exposed to attacks, disorder and utter chaos.
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Bad news travels fast. In seemingly no time at all, Mr Nguzu’s illness and absence has family and foes vying to grab their share of the vast Nguzu fortune, in irreverent anticipation of his death.

The Family

Betty and Ba Zulu were the first to find their way through the farm gates. Betty demanded K20 000 or ‘her’ portion of the land, based on the claim that her son Felix is Mr Nguzu’s first born son.

Ba Zulu was not far behind; his unexpected appearance and apologies were intercepted by Hambe who was quick to call Ba Zulu out on his past misdeeds, recognize him as a foe and send him packing!

On the other side of the farm, Shupiwe struggled with an inward conflict: to use this time tell Tionenji who her father is, or not?

The Help

The farm help had their mitigation skills put to the test. First, Logik, Uncle Patrick and Jairos teamed up to go to Sandra's elders to negotiate and resolve the differences between them.

Following this peace-keeping mission, Mwanida approached Logik and demanded that one of the farm’s prized cattle be slaughtered as it “belonged to her”. However, when Logik actioned as per request and killed the beast, Mwanida was quick to plead ignorance on the matter, leaving Logik and Cliff to bear the full brunt of the law in connection with this unauthorised act.

The Dark Stranger

With all sorts of unsavoury characters crawling out of the woodwork, the farm and its inhabitants are more vulnerable than ever before. In the midst of the dilemma, Mwanida meets a tall, dark stranger on the farm grounds. Are things about to get better or worse for them all?


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