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Where does Hambe’s heart really lie? – Mpali

14 September 2020
Between Tamara, Chichi and Chola – It’s difficult to say who really has Hambe’s heart.
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If Hambe was to be listed on a betting sheet and Kwacha values attached to him, anyone brave enough to place the lot on him would be at a loss - because in all honesty, even he doesn’t know where he’s headed when it comes to the matters of sentiment. Let’s walk through his heart’s trajectory thus far...

Age-mates are heartmates (Tamara + Hambe )

It isn’t easy to tell whether Tamara’s sticking out like a sore thumb was due to her age in comparison to Nguzu’s other wives or simply personality based; but Hambe seemed to have always understood the young damsel. They both dreamt way beyond the horizons of the farm and sought to move to more urban and vibey ambiances. To Hambe, Tamara represented youth and modern possibilities – a train of thought no one else on the farm sparked in him. While he too represented youth and fireworks in Tamara’s eyes, his heart just wasn’t big enough to accommodate the free-spirited Mrs Nguzu the 5th.

 Right person, tainted heart (Chichi + Hambe)

Like the emergence of the rainbow after a heavy and destructive storm, Chichi walked into Hambe’s life and ignited a splinter of hope. Not only was Hambe able let the idea of him and Tamara go, but his general demeanor changed for the better. This change was noticed and appreciated by both Mai Guru and Nguzu, the two people who were always tasked with extinguishing fires carelessly started by yours truly. Hambe promised to love, honour and respect Chichi for all the days of their lives... until Chola happened.

Now that I’m here, she goes! (Chola + Hambe) 

Chola happened in the most unexpected of ways – especially since Hambe didn’t think news of their encounter would reach his family’s ears, let alone Chichi’s. Just when Hambe’s love life was starting to show a glimmer of hope and foster responsibility in him, Chola’s mother dragged her into Nguzu’s living room and demanded that Chola be considered one of the Nguzu’s because she’s carrying Hambe’s heir. To say this occurrence caused a stir and brought a lot of shame to the Nguzus would be a complete understatement. Once again, Hambe ruined the one good thing that happened to him.

While Chichi was left to collect her heart’s pieces and forced to regroup, Hambe remains with the task to paying his dues and honouring Chola and her family. Whether the pregnancy is real or a hoax to bleed the Nguzu’s dry of their money is a story for another day. Keep your dials locked on #ZambeziMagic CH 162 and see how the Hambe saga unfolds.