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Off to a dramatic start - Mpali

06 May 2020
The much anticipated third season of Mpali kicked off with a bang on Zambezi Magic on Monday evening!
Mpali S3 Premiere

The season opened with a dramatic start as a ‘visitor’ arrived at the Nguzu plantation threatening to shake up the very foundations of the Nguzu family. It was later revealed that the “visitor” is none other than Mai Guru’s cousin, Betty, who under the same breath dropped the news about having a secret love child with Nguzu. The drama does not seem to end on this riveting and sensational telenovela! As we fast forward into the drama, it is later revealed that Nguzu is in hospital and will never be able to walk again and is in fact under the spell of his sworn enemy. Now between the announcement of the existence of Felix; Nguzu’s love child, the appearance of Junza’s cousin and the juju working against Nguzu to the point of locking his legs into paralysis, how much more drama can you take?

Mr Nguzu and his seven wives are still together and working hard to remain united despite numerous factors working against them. The season premiere episode left many fans excited and asking for more on social media. Georginah Mudenda couldn’t hold back her excitement on Facebook. “We can’t wait to see it unfold.”  she wrote. Whilst Arkangel Woyera Tembo expressed that Mpali is the best show: “When I say [Mpali] is back I mean back back back 3 times.”

As part of Zambezi Magic’s continued drive to delight its fans and customers, the channel threw in something special in the form of a watch and win competition (Mpali Ya 162) where viewers are afforded an opportunity to get to know the preferences, hobbies and skills of the actors that they have grown to know and love throughout the seasons in 162 seconds. Super fans are then encouraged to head over to the Zambezi Magic website to answer the questions based on the profiled character of the week to stand a chance to win a care package valued at K1000,00. Want to know more about the competition? Click here to find out more.


What are your thoughts on this season’s episodes of Mpali? Join the conversation on #ZMMpali on our social media pages Zambezi Magic TV? Don’t forget to watch Mpali every Monday to Thursday at 20:30 on Zambezi Magic, Channel 162.