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Be careful what you wish for - Mpali

26 July 2020
Monde’s black belt in juju gets her more than she bargained for.
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Monde has done it all in the name of love, and all’s fair in love and war. Right?

It can’t be easy to be Nguzu’s third and least loved wife. We have watched her battle for slivers of his affection throughout three seasons of #ZMMpali. Yet, barring Nguzu’s obvious disinterest, the most evident thorn in her side is her sister-wife Mwiza.

Long hailed as Nguzu’s favourite wife and true love, Mwiza has always posed a potent threat to Monde’s long term goals of being the last wife standing. And so Baba Mkulu became a staple in Monde’s pursuit of happiness.

Baba Mkulu’s traditional charms had proven effective in certain instances, most notably in bewitching the shows patriarch to favour Monde for a short spell of time before the powers were unceremoniously broken.

But when Monde raised the bar and laid a cruel trap for Mwiza with the intention to end her life, the ancestors were so displeased that they issued a dire warning to her through Baba Mkulu who was equally to “pay dearly” for his own actions.

As Baba Mkulu and Monde wrestled with the spirits to right their wrongs, the heavy sentence against them brought them to war with one another, leading to a physical tussle which saw Baba Mkulu’s powers being accidentally transferred to Monde.

Not all power is good power. Monde cracked underneath the burden of ancestral magic and became gravely ill. In a lightning fast plot twist, it emerged that Mwiza alone had the spiritual connections to set Monde free. This freedom came at the price of a full confession from Monde in front of an audience of Mwiza’s spiritual guru (a pastor) and all the sister-wives including Hambe and Logic.

What happens now?

Monde is hunted by Baba Mkulu who seeks to regain his powers. Meanwhile, time is running out for Monde due to her grave and mysterious illness.

Make a date with #ZMMpali every Monday to Thursday at 20:30hrs on Zambezi Magic and watch as love, power and magic intertwine to create an intoxicating viewing potion. ??‍♂️?