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Reasons why we love Makofi – OneZed

22 April 2024
Makofi season one taught us many lessons about the realities of the boxing world and now, new lessons await in season 2.
Why so excited about Makofi

Makofi season two has been giving us blow by blow of eye-opening lessons airing every Monday to Wednesday at 19:30hrs on OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 2 and we just can’t wait to see more. 

While we enjoy the season that has kicked off in full swing, let’s have a quick recap of season one.

  1. Anna was a young passionate boxer who witnessed her father David die in the middle of a boxing fight.
  2. David was a renowned boxer and owner of the Makofi Boxing Club alongside his long-time friend and business partner, Joe.
  3. Anna inherited the boxing club. However, she underestimated the long road ahead of her which was filled with many challenges including discouragement from her mother Izukanji, envy and betrayal from her sister Kalumba and uncovered secrets behind her father’s death.
  4. Anna discovered love with Bosco who eventually proposed marriage to her.
  5. Anna went to great lengths to seek financial help for her friend Petronella whose life was hanging by a thread after terminating a pregnancy.
  6. Anna turned to Moses, who was a nightmare in her life, for help and during this interaction, Anna retaliated violently, shoving Moses who hit his head on a kitchen counter leaving him unconscious.

If you missed the first season, we hope this gives you a refresher otherwise, you can catch up on the full first season of Makofi on Showmax. Click here to binge!

There is so much more action to look forward to in season two and we are ready to find out what becomes of Anna’s life after the violent encounter she had with Moses. Will her friend Petronella get the medical help she needed then? What will happen to her boxing career, her family and her engagement to Bosco?

We have many questions, but all we can do is wait to find out!

Watch Makofi Season 2 every Monday to Wednesday at 19:30hrs, right here on #OneZed DStv Channel 172 and GOtv Channel 2.