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Seven reasons why Anna shouldn’t marry Bosco – Makofi

17 May 2021
Wedding bells as Makofi comes to an end?
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If you’re as obsessed with Makofi as we are, then you’ll agree that marrying Bosco is not the best idea for Anna. 

Despite his many flaws, Anna does love him and often finds herself battling her emotions where Bosco is concerned. If a couple has a lot of issues just in the dating phase, maybe resolving them before proposing marriage would be a good idea, no? 

We have come up with seven reasons why we think Anna should not marry Bosco. 

1. He compromised her boxing career by being irresponsible and allowing her to make a decision that could lead to one of her fights being cancelled, thus putting her career on the line. 

2. He wants Anna to quit boxing and has even gone as far as saying that Anna should quit boxing and concentrate on being a wife to him. 

3. He has secrets that he keeps from Anna about his dealings and some of his career moves. He went as far as wanting to partner with Trudy, Anna’s enemy. 

4. Anna lies whenever she is with him and even uses her friend Petronella as cover up. 

5. He implied that she was ugly and she wanted to change her image to impress him, so we feel he is bad for her self-esteem. Your partner should love you just the way you are and build you up, instead of tearing you down. 

6. She makes bad decisions when she’s with Bosco. Your partner should bring out the best in you, not the worst. 

7. She found another woman, Gezile at his place and didn’t believe him when he said that she was just a friend. She didn’t trust the nature of their friendships. A partner should be trustworthy, something that is debatable where Bosco is concerned.

We are sure you can think of so many more reasons why these two should not be together and we would love to hear some of your thoughts. Drop us comments on our official #ZambeziMagic social media pages. 

If you think they belong together, we’d also like to know why. 

Season 1 of #ZMMakofi came to an end on 12 May 2020. You can watch it on Showmax or catch up on the DStv App using any connected device.